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Networking in business has been around for as long as businesses have been in business. Whether you have a small business or you work for a large company, you are always establishing relationships to provide opportunity to grow your business. Many women these days are running large corporations, but there are also sectors of women in each of our communities running small businesses trying to provide additional income for their families. Most often these women do not have the additional time to go to meetings outside of attending their child's extra curricular activities or the extra money to spend to market themselves. So the concept of Network Boutiques has been born. Miller Designs, LLC has designed this site is to provide women in our community the opportunity to showcase their business, talents, and services to you the audience in hopes of expanding each of our businesses.

Women Marketing Women

Women Marketing Women

Networking in business has been around for as long as businesses have been in business.

Network Boutiques is made up of graphic design, beauty products, health and wellness products, personal training, art work, home decor, home organizing, spray tanning, gifts, photography, and more. Each of the women on this site have connections to each other in the community. We are ‘Women Marketing Women.’

Join us today and find the change you have been looking with Plexus products and LipSense by Senegence, beautiful home decor, unique clothing, and custom made artwork. Schedule a spray tan and personal training session. Buy your friend or family member a unique gift. Have your favorite pet photographed for your home or as a gift….the list goes on. We are friends or friends and women marketing women. Please continue to look around our site.

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